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Matt Thalman, Photographer


Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

About Matt Thalman

Matt Thalman is a nature photographer based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where he resides with his wife and son. Though he grew up in Minnesota, it wasn't until living in Fargo, North Dakota that Matt became interested in photography. His interest was piqued as part of a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana when his trip preparation involved buying a Casio digital camera. Having experienced the beauty of the mountains, Matt was hooked and would continue to pursue his photography of nature and have a special love for the mountains.  In 2012, Matt moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where he focused much of his photography on the grand landscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park.  And then in 2018, Matt returned to his home state of Minnesota where he continues to aspire to capture nature's beauty.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
— Gary Snyder

Artist Statement

My photography is about getting outside and experiencing what nature has to offer. My intent is to capture that experience within an image that can then be enjoyed by others. This pursuit provides me a creative outlet where I can explore how to best showcase nature’s beauty on a two-dimensional surface. Just as painters paint their interpretation of a scene, so do I use my craft to create images that render my experiences.

Photography has compelled me to visit places on this planet I likely would never have been. It has exercised my creative passion. And it has brought me joy in being able to share some of my experiences with others.